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Do you know what a common feature of all teachers is? Well, it is not very difficult to guess! They all tend to assign challenging tasks to their students and come up with completely unexpected topics!

If you are reading this article, we can assume that you have a challenging task to prepare… you need to write an achievements essay. Do you lack ideas for your achievement essay? Well, do not worry! We are here to help you!

Maybe, some of the ideas presented below will interest you:


You can simply write about your success in the essay on achievement.

You have been studying for a certain period of time. You learn something new almost every day. You set goals and you do everything possible to achieve them. If a goal is achieved, you move on to the next stage – set more challenging purposes. Well, it can be quite a good topic for your achievement essay.

Idea #2

You can write about famous authors’ achievements in the essays on achievement.

Well, why not. You like a certain writer. You admire his/her life. It is amazing how he/she managed to overcome all the obstacles on his way to fame, respect, recognition, etc. You enjoy reading the books of this writer. So, introduce his/her biography, manner of writing, or masterpieces in your essay on achievement.

Idea #3

You may write about achievements in a certain sphere of life.

Politicians, economists, psychologists, and so on always make up something new, no matter what it is. Their achievements and innovations can be a good issue that you can research and cover in your achievement essays as well. Investigate recent achievements in Politics or Economics.

Idea # 4

You can write in the essay on achievement about sacrifices people make to achieve something.

It is also an interesting topic for your achievement essay. Think about the sacrifices made personally by you and write about them in your paper.

In order to create a good achievement essay, you may read about writing narrative essays or an essay on my hobby presented on our blog.

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My Personal Achievements Essay.

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However, even in these programs students might be asked some rather touchy questions. Some people complain that the my greatest achievement essay prompt asks about their feelings more than they feel comfortable discussing. This is especially problematic if the achievement essay is about something like caring for a dependent. In these cases, it’s best to finish the project as soon as possible. You’ll feel a lot better if you just get it done and over with so that you don’t have the assignment hanging over your head like a cloud.