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on the brighter side of life, yesterday i got informed that i was rewarded a pretty decent chunk of scholarship awards! all in all the amount will equal about one loan per semester that i don’t have to take out which is honestly more than i could ever ask for for a 200 word essay and resume.

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I have a 500 word essay to do plus another 200 word essay then I have 2 projects to do. IM SO FUCKING STRESSED GOD DAMN.

Shewas amongst 15 applicants state-wide and, to win, had to demonstrate herGerman skills by writing a 200 word essay in German about herself, family,personal interests & why she wished to go to Germany. She alsounderwent a 20 minute interview via Skype and was required to answerquestions in German & English about her suitability as a possible recipientof this award.