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There is no compromising with the introduction or the conclusion of your essay as those two paragraphs are mandatory in all writing assignments. The body paragraphs, as you will find out from the 5 paragraph essay outline below, is where you will be cutting down. In a 5 paragraph essay, you cannot accommodate more or less than three body paragraphs.


A 5 paragraph essay assignment is a rather common method of assessment. These essays, as they are comparatively short, will help the teachers to get an accurate understanding of the students’ writing skills. A 5 paragraph essay would involve presenting the matter efficiently through a limited number of paragraphs. And when restricted, there are very few who manage to write effectively. Hence, you can say that writing a 5 paragraph essay requires reasonably good writing skills. Studying 5 paragraph essay outlines will help you get an idea of the structure.

5 Paragraph Essay Outline, Outline for 5 Paragraph Essay

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